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We are a community organisation in Halifax UK.

We formed as Halifax Unity CIC in late 2022 to co-create spaces where everyone is welcome.

We embrace uniqueness and diversity.

However you identify in terms of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, language, health or background, and whatever your financial situation, you are welcome here. Our diversity is our strength and our wisdom.

We support resilience through solidarity.

When we come together and create connections between us and our communities, we are more resilient in the face of adversity. As Jo Cox said: "There is more in common than that which divides us."​


Our Mission

Our mission is to co-create a vibrant, diverse and resilient community in Halifax where everyone feels welcome and able to be themselves.

Together we will co-create conditions where all of us can relax, thrive, be authentic and fully express ourselves and our unique gifts.

Through the spaces created by different groups, and the connections between us, we will grow a strong network that is supportive and resilient.

Our Vision

There will be more opportunities in Halifax where people can meet, fully express themselves, support each other, get creative, feel inspired and share resources.

We will be more resilient in times of crisis, and experience more joy and connection, not limited by any aspect of our identity or access to resources.

Our community will be more equitable and working together for liberation for all.


Who this is for

Multiple challenges including the hostile immigration system, the cost of living crisis and climate change are hitting many of us hard. Many of us feel isolated, or with limited choices. In creating more links between us and our communities we can find more joy and resilience even in hard times.

We intentionally create spaces that are designed for and with people who are often marginalised for an aspect of their identity or way of being. This includes spaces for specific groups including LGBTQ+ community, and spaces where different ethnicity and languages are centred. We run our spaces on a 'pay what you can' basis so that access to resources is not a barrier to inclusion.​

Read more about our current values and boundaries here >

There are amazing support services in the city that provide amazing specialist support and respond urgent needs. We are not a support service - we will signpost to those services as needed and provide a next step for people who are ready. We work alongside St Augustine's Centre, Valley of Sanctuary, Halifax Community Fridge, The Outback, Stand Up to Racism and others, linking our communities of support. We welcome links with other groups, and anyone who wants to join us independently or with friends.


We are also linked with the More In Common Network - a network of groups around the country who share Jo Cox's belief that "we have more in common than that which divides us'".


#EnoughIsEnough #MoreInCommon

Who we are

Halifax Unity is a CIC co-founded by Viv Slack (she/her) and Jaden Adams (he/him).


We are now a growing network of people living in and near Halifax who want to connect, organise and do more to unite our communities. We support each other, show up in solidarity, encourage each other, co-create new projects, make decisions together and take action. 

We want this community to be co-created by a diverse, wild and loving group of unique individuals who share our values. We will dream, organise, create and act together for a world that works for all. 

Want to join us? Get in touch

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