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Community Hub

We are now organising to take on an empty shop at 235 Queens Road to co-create a community led space to host groups and events. 

We want to create a space where everyone feels welcome and able to fully be themselves. It will be run by and for local people, reflecting the amazing diversity and creativity of Park Ward.

If you share our vision of community, connection, creativity, well-being, solidarity and equity, we would love you to join us! 


You can see some ideas for how it might work below.  Information will be added as we decide. Please get in touch if you want to know more.

How would it work?


Visit the hub

Anyone is welcome to come along to visit the hub for one of the open activities or drop in sessions. You can find out what's on by visiting the space, or via the listings up in the windows or on this website. We aim for everything to be offered on a donation / pay as you feel basis. 


Share your ideas

If you are a community group, or if you have an idea for something you would like to offer to local people in the space, come and tell us about it. We can help you work out the details,  get set up, find a time when the space is free, and let people know about your offer.


Become a member

If you would like to be part of co-designing and running the space as part of our collective, you can join Halifax Unity as a member. We ask you to commit to being part of our decision making and feedback circles, and to share some of the responsibility for the space.

Who and how?!

Anyone wanting to help us set up and run this space can join Halifax Unity CIC as a member or supporter (no fee). We are initially committing to cover the building costs for 6 months (unless the landlord sells the place before then!). This will give us time to explore, experiment and try things out, see how it is to work together and if we want to continue.


Groups and individuals that want to use the space to run something for the community will need to agree to some basic terms and conditions for caring for and maintaining the space, and where possible make a contribution to the running costs.


After the initial 6 months we would decide as a community if and how we wanted to continue. This space may or may not be needed longer term once the Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre re-opens, depending on how that is set up.

We have experience in collaborating, creating group agreements and making decisions with large and diverse groups. This would all be part of our learning and capacity building to self-organise as community - part the resilience we need to move through these changing times. If that sounds interesting, get in touch.

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