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Improv theatre / drama in Halifax

Halifax improv theatre / drama group

New group starting in 2023.

Whether you are interested in acting/performing or not, improv is a great way to play, build confidence, reduce stress, meet new people, have fun and let go of limiting stories in a fun and safe environment.

We use simple games to play with scenes and characters that take us outside our normal patterns and habits. There is no 'right way' to do it so we can let go of worrying about how funny or imaginative we are.

This is a safe and inclusive space for anyone in Halifax who is interested in giving this a try, where we know we can show up as we are and find a warm welcome and sense of community.


We love what can happen when diverse groups of people come together in a creative way. We are committed to co-creating safe and inclusive spaces where we intentionally centre and support different perspectives and ways of being (read about our values and boundaries here). 

We are starting with a group for over 18's as we do not have experience in holding a younger or mixed aged group. 

We are looking for the right venue to start fortnightly sessions in early 2023, depending on how many are interested. More information coming soon.

If you might want to come and know more, join our mailing list for updates or get in touch, and please share this page with others :)

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