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As We Are

Safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ community in Halifax

A space to be as you are...

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We host a safe and inclusive space in Halifax for anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community or is questioning their gender or sexuality. We come together to express ourselves, connect, rest, support each other and celebrate the incredible diversity of LGBTQ+ people.

We also host a group specific for trans and gender nonconforming adults and allies (partners/parents/friends). We meet for connection, support, solidarity and advocacy. We need each other more than ever. 

We do not have experience in holding a younger or mixed aged group so currently these groups are for over 18s, with youth services supported by The Brunswick Centre. 

"No Pride for some of us, without liberation for all of us"

We have chosen to use the inclusive pride flag as it matters to us that everyone feels safe and included in the space we create together. We want to unite our community and embrace our diversity, including our ethnicity, heritage, class, neurodiversity, health, views and life experiences.

Alongside peer support, we want to enable advocacy and create a network that can influence how systems and services are designed and delivered.

These spaces are designed and led by the community and informed by our different personal experiences so if you might be interested or have other ideas, please get in touch and share this page with others :)


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