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Community Gatherings

Co-creating our future in collaboration

Community led response...


We need spaces where people with different life experiences can connect, understand each other, collaborate and organise.


In the context of the cost of living crisis, and many other factors which could divide us, we come together in unity to show "we have more in common than that which divides us".

We acknowledge and celebrate the services designed to support people with specific needs to navigate our current systems. We also see a need to step back and see the broader context, to see the unjust foundations on which many of our systems were built, to include consideration for future generations and the more than human world, to think holistically and co-create new ways of being in harmony with the web of life.


Working alongside people with different backgrounds and life experiences we can find the creativity and community resilience we all need. We know we are stronger together.


We would love you to join us!

#EnoughIsEnough #MoreInCommon

The intention for this network is...

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More in Common Network

We are also considering joining the 'More in Common Network' set up by the Jo Cox Foundation. We will make this decision together as we connect and evolve. You can find out more about the more in common network here.

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